23rd District Judicial Advocates

The 23rd District Judicial Advocates, Inc. serves the needs of citizens who find themselves negotiating the complicated maze of the criminal justice system, the juvenile justice system, or those who stand on the threshold of such involvement, and who need physical and/or financial support. Emphasis is placed on assisting with services promptly when required, and to seek long-term solutions to chronic problems such as alcohol and drug addicition while assisting individuals and their families to live outside the justice system.

The Twenty Third Judicial Advocates strives to provide services needed by a segment of the population that is often overlooked, inmates who would be serving time if not for the intervention of the Twenty Third Judicial Advocates. With our holistic approach of addressing the needs of participants and their families, over 90% of our graduates stay clean and sober and out of the criminal justice system. The 23rd Judicial Advocates and the 23rd Judicial District Drug Court Team are made up of Circuit Court Judge Suzanne Lockert-Mash, Circuit Court Judge Robert Burch (Ret.), a probation officer, a Drug Court Director, A DUI Court Director, two case managers, a representative from the District Attorney General's office, and two representatives from the District Public Defender's office.

We provide housing and food for 50 recovering drug addicts and alcoholics residing in the corporation's three Sober Living Residences. We provide a stable structure, jobs, transportation, and counseling for 50 recovering drug addicts and alcoholics in the 23rd Judicial District Drug Court Program. We assist in finding in-patient treatment at treatment facilities across the state for drug addicts and alcoholics in the 23rd Judicial District Drug Court and others who have sought our assistance.

The Drug Court provides educational and job skill assistance, accounting services, legal services, mental health services, and assistance in locating employment. Our Drug Court graduates leave us as tax-paying, productive citizens. While the participants are in our sober living residences, their families are provided counseling, financial assistance, and other support services. Our Drug Court has saved our local communities hundreds of thousands of dollars in prosecution and incarceration costs alone.

Because of the large geographical area served (Cheatham, Dickson, Houston, Humphreys, and Stewart Counties), funds for drug & alcohol treatment, counseling, dual diagnosis, education, job skill training, & other support services are needed. Funds for housing maintenance & supervision costs related to the management of sober living homes and for transportation & support services to the participants' families, including practical services such as home repair & providing food & toys for the children at Christmas are needed.

We welcome donations by check to our address above. We also welcome donations of furniture, household items, etc. to sell at our non-profit Thrift Store, Second Chance, located at 706 E. College Street in Dickson, TN. Call us at (615) 210-9389 to make donations.